How To Prevent Short Serves and Serves In The Net

Have you ever had a day serving when you seem to be giving your opponent easy balls to return and they have you on the defensive? There’s nothing worse than that ‘deer in the headlights’ feeling, when your opponent is having an absolute field day creaming your serve. The solution? Learn to consistently hit deep into the service box and take away his field day. Your service games will be much more successful by implementing this tactic.

To really implement this you must have the mindset of always wanting to serve the ball deep, either in the service box or deep, but NEVER IN THE NET. By keeping your opponent pinned back you will prevent them from taking the net and hitting very aggressive returns, plus you will give yourself MORE TIME to react to their return. Also, when you keep the ball deep in the box your serve maintains it’s speed longer, giving your opponent less time. Once a ball bounces on the court it typically loses half of its speed, if it lands short, your opponent has more time. As an example, let’s say you hit your serve 90 MPH, after the bounce the ball is now travelling 45 MPH. So, the deeper you can keep the ball in the box the longer your serve will maintain its speed, giving your opponent less time.

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