One-Handed Backhand Lesson Ahaaaa! Moment

The other day I was giving a lesson to an academy member and he had a HUGE AHAAA!!!! MOMENT. You know what I mean, it all clicked, a light bulb went off in his head and suddenly he understood what I was trying to teach him.

Here at the Academy players are having AHAAA!!! MOMENTS on a regular basis. That’s because the methods I use REALLY WORK, they are concrete advice that I’ve developed over my 35 plus years teaching.

No offense to the many hard working, well-intentioned tennis pros out there, BUT, many do not know how to teach the basics of how to become a more consistent player.

You may have experienced this type of scenario with a pro: you take a 1 hour lesson, you hit a lot of balls, get a good workout and get a good consistent groove going with the pro. You walk off the court thinking WOW! I was hitting the ball great, I’m improving! But, remember you were hitting against a professional who can hit back to you with a certain rhythm, speed and KEEP THE BALL in YOUR SWEET SPOT. So, the next day you go out to play Joe or Mary Smith and you’re getting frustrated because you’re having trouble keeping the ball in play. You’re thinking, ‘what happened I was hitting great yesterday with the pro’.

First of all, Joe and Mary Smith are not keeping the ball in your sweet spot. Second, they are not giving you that nice rhythm and steady pace. Joe and Mary’s shots are all over the court, some high, some low, some fast, some slow. THIS IS THE TRUE TEST TO SEE HOW CONSISTENT YOU REALLY ARE. Many fail this test for a host of reasons, such as, they may not have the best grip for the situation, they do not have the proper stroke pattern, their spacing from the ball at contact is not optimal, etc., etc..

If you’d like to experience some AHA!!! MOMENTS I invite you to purchase the Consistent Tennis Wins Academy. You will have the tools to dramatically improve your consistency. You will have the knowledge you need to avoid the frustration of playing Joe or Mary Smith. You will have the confidence that YOU ARE a more consistent player!

All the best,


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