Strokes – The Smoothest, Most Effortless And Versatile Shot In The Game… The Slice Backhand

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 Slice, backspin, underspin, they all mean the same, you’re swinging from high to low at contact and making the ball spin backwards.

 There are numerous advantages to hitting with slice.  If you work on this shot, and can hit it well, you will add many tools to your toolbox and take your game up a notch for sure.

 Here are a few of the advantages of being able to hit slice.

 1.)  The shot is basically effortless.  When hitting slice you’re taking your opponents pace and redirecting it.  So learn to relax on the shot as you redirect.  If you happen to be in a long rally and getting out of breath, throw in a few effortless slices as you recover.

 2.)  DISGUISE.  The slice can be hit, down the line, crosscourt, short angle or drop shot, without telegraphing to your opponent.  Because you set up the same way to hit all of the above shots, your opponent cannot pick up cues and get an early jump on the ball, therefore, many times your opponent will be late getting to the ball.

 3.)  You can use slice for approach shots to get to the net.  Slice has a natural flow to it and can be hit on the move quite easily, with some practice.  Being able to hit on the move will enable you to get in closer to the net for that first volley, making it an easier volley.  The slice approach skids and stays low, that’s the kind of shot you want your opponent dealing with as you approach the net.  They now have to bend and hit up to insure net clearance.  This caues them to hit up too much and GIVE YOU nice easy volleys.



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