Strokes – Want To Hit Your Forehand Like Roger Federer? Implement This Tip

First of all my apologies for the Newsletter for the past months.  At age 62, this computer stuff can be a little daunting.  It was just brought to my attention that the formatting was terrible.  Anyway, hopefully it’s fixed and please let me know if the formatting starts to get disorganized.

On to today’s subject, Roger Federer’s forehand.  Is Roger Federer’s forehand perfect?  No, he makes mistakes the same as you and I, but he has proven that his forehand is the most powerfully consistent weapon in Men’s tennis, his record proves that.  And, he’s not done, I think Roger has much more in the tank, and I’m talking the big ones, Grand Slams.

So, what makes Roger’s forehand consistently the best in the world.  Simply put, he keeps the racquet face vertical in the contact area. The contact area is about 1 – 1 1/2 feet in length.  If anyone, Roger Federer or Joe Smith, consistently keeps the racquet vertical in this area, they will be consistently keeping the ball inside the lines.  No one, Roger Federer included, will have perfect timing every time they go out to play.  Federer knows that, that’s why he has become a master of keeping the racquet vertical in the contact area.  You see even when Roger’s timing is a little off (maybe he’s a little early), by keeping the racquet vertical for that 1 – 1 1/2 feet contact area, he can STILL hit it where he wants to and be consistent with his forehand.

If you’re having trouble with your forehand go to either of these DVDS for some concrete advice:

Consistent Tennis Wins V Grooving Consistent Strokes

Consistent Tennis Wins I The Original

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